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Time Moves On

Time Has Moved On …


Since last I wrote in this space, time has moved on and in many ways nothing has changed but in all ways so much has. This, I suppose, is the mystery of times passing and of the changes it brings.

As I write I can hear a river rush by, I am near the shores of Llyn Tegid, known now as Bala Lake.

I am in Ceridwen’s territory where myth has it that Gwion Bach become re-born as Talisien.

Here, in the shadow of the mountains which grow to become Mt Snowdon, there is a real sense of a connection to the once-long-ago, as if the spirits of those who have travelled this path before speak clearly through the rush and fall of the waters.

Bala Lake 2017


Bala Lake 2017

Today we travelled to Snowdon, stood in the enveloping cloud, and marvelled at the fact that we could see nothing! Thankful that we had decided to travel to the mount by rail, and happy to traverse the mountain under the pull of diesel horses,

It was a strange journey.

Starting in sunlight from a watery autumn sun, and ascending into mist and cloud. Llanberis PassA journey between and through worlds; the scenery a changing, transforming pallet of greens, ambers, greys and whites.

I have always laughed at the fact that my given name Alan, was a mistake.

I was going to be David Jones, but my father, who went to register my name, got a little confused and wrote Alan (he liked the song Donkey Serenade by the singer Alan Jones) – so I became Alan.

But today as we drove through Snowdon National Park, I recalled a moment so long ago; a family holiday and my mother and father laughing about the mix-up about my name and my mother saying “We were going to call you Emrys!”

Emrys, a name with a significance now that was unknown then, I could not have been much older that 8 or 9.

It is perhaps the numinous mists in this area that dissolve the boundaries between time, place and space.

Bardic Reflections

A vanilla-rippled sky sinks below the rocky crags

Faces marked by the hacking of times blunt razor

Clouds fold like ghosts over the hills

Misty, spectral horses transforming. transfiguring, shapeshifting…

Gwion becomes Hare – Ceridwen becomes Hound

Gwion becomes Salmon – Ceridwen becomes Otter

Gwion becomes Wren – Ceridwen becomes Hawk

Gwion becomes Grain – Ceridwen becomes Hen

Ceridwen consumes Grain – Gwion is Second-Born – Taisien

The story is there, told, telling and being re-told in the mist, in the windy spaces of these mountains.




Published: September 24, 2017

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