Modern Druidry is, in essence a recreation or re-construction of an Earth Based spiritual tradition.

The realms of the Sea, Land and Sky are those the Druids explore and there is the idea that the world of the spirit is not a word of transcendence but one of immanence.


Geomancy, literally 'earth divination'. Part of the Druid path is the path of the Oracle, the Seer or the Wise.

Listening to and being present in nature is a path to inner wisdom and discovery.

A space where Being and Becoming join.


The Bardic tradition is one of poetry, storytelling and song through which traditions are maintained, magical lessons are taught and wisdom is earned.

Traditionally it seems that all Druids were Bards..

And it was the Bard who learned to open themselves to the spirit of Inspiration - The Awen






The breath connects the words

The words connect the ideas

The ideas inspire the story

The story is within the song

The song is carried on the air

The air which brings the breath

Awen is thew breath which connects the words, the words which tell the tale in the song that is carried on the air.




Published: March 21, 2014

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