Druid Clan Membership

Druid Clan Membership


Updated Beltane 2015

Status within RDG : Proto-Grove

Grove Started 20th April 2014

Arch-Druid : Rev Alan Jones  (3rd Degree RDG)

First Degree Members 2nd Degree Ordination took place 4th January 2015

Sue Edwards : Emma May : Eileen Ayres : Cathy Blythe and Elaine Dugdale

100 Virtual Grove Members on Clan’s Facebook group

The Clans Gatekeepers


She of the Sacred Grove,” a Celtic Goddess with roots in eastern Gaul. She is thought to have been the eponymous deity of the Germano-Celtic people known as the Nemetes; evidence of her veneration is found throughout their former territory in and around what is now Trier, Germany

nemetona-selena-frenchShe is also attested in Bath, England, where an altar to her was dedicated by a man of the Gallic Treveri people

Her name is derived from the Celtic root nemeto-, referring to sacred areas, and is related to nemeton, a term designating Gaulish religious spaces, hence her title/honorific “She of the Sacred Grove.”

Thus, naturally, she is a goddess and guardian of (Celtic) open air places of worship – i.e. sacred grounds/groves and circles and labyrnth’s

She represents the spirit of nature, the gatekeeper to the grove and the essence of mother nature.



c27bc9a9973b687cd23fee40bcb91256The Merlin of  legend and the associated prophecies can be considered as having two main sources.

The first is the definitely Welsh stage in which Merlin (Welsh Myrddin) is conceived of as a legendary prophet. The second is the transformation of this Myrddin, by Geoffrey of Monmouth, into an internationally renowned wizard and vaticinator named Merlin who plays a crucial role in bringing about the conception of Arthur and who is prominent in later Arthurian story.

He is the Wise-Man of the Woods, the essence of what we consider now to be Druidry – an bard, oracle and teacher.



Bardic Deity

Celtic_moon_goddessGwinfer myrch Feymor – the daughter of Feymor and Taranis, being a symbol of the old and the continuation of the Bardic tradition through her very creation.

We here that her story was told at two different gatherings in Samhain 2o14 and will feature in a forthcoming Priestess of Kernow meeting (Jan 2015),

The myth and hence the spirit of the Goddess is reborn again,



Alan /|\

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